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Shannonville Motorsports Park... eh?!!!

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Just rolled the Chumperhome into Belleville yesterday... heading to the track today. Lloyd and I will begin set-up, awaiting Cathy and Erik's arrival. Weather (both yesterday and today) has been GORGEOUS but the weather gods are calling for some light showers over the weekend. Still, it's supposed to be in the mid-70's (22C), so this should be great racing weather -- a little dry and a little wet... but not cold.

More to follow -


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Guest moose

Good news! Weekend weather outlook has changed... no rain!!!!!


Just cloudy with sunshine!


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Guest Matt

What a Great Event.

Update: Our Car(#88) Is a Acura Integra

Would like to thank Chump Car for the great event. They were very professional, organized and friendly. The event was an amazing success.

Weather for the event was great with sun all day on Saturday and cloudy with sunny breaks on Sunday. The Track was in very good condition with the exception of a SOLE cinder block in the infield that of course I had to find and hit hard (that's what I get for doing some off roading).

Would like to Thank John, Cathy, Lloyd, and Erik for their help with any questions/concerns we had, they had everything planned out and under control.

Can't say enough how much of a blast we had the whole weekend. We were very close to a podium both days and were lucky that we didnt have a single technical or mechanical issue. Our Integra served us great and was a joy to drive.

Would also like to thank All the teams for the great compitetion and comradery. Since there were a few Honda's on site we we all secreatly rooting for each other. Would also like to Thank Team Johnda Deere, as they helped us with strategies and other fine tuned things that can only come with experience. We helped each other out with either tools, advice and other things to get the job done. It was great having you guys next to us in the pit's.

All in All for our first year, first race, were very happy with the results. Our team is all a bunch of gear heads with a passion for modifying our cars and always improving them in anyway possible. This was a new challenge for us and we are very glad we did it, were even happier that we did quite well. Our team members consisted of mostly rookie racers with only one team member having race experience in go-karting. The rest of us have 1 lapping day under our belts and that its. This was a big step up to anything we had done before, and cannot be conpared to anything done before. As the orginizers said, we raced roughly the same amount in a weekend that a lot of series race in a season.

As a final note, I Implore all of you who have even the slightest itch to do something like this to just go for it. You will not regret this in any way.

See you next year, and Yes, at more events.

Matt Tremblay

Rising Sun Racing #88

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Guest Sparky

Shannonville was a blast!!!

Just wanted to post on behalf of #77 Team Jagged Edge a big "Thank You" to all the organizers for all the work they did in organizing and running this event. This was (obviously) the first time we had done anything like this and it was a great learning experience. We had a lot of fun cobbling together our entry over the past few months, and although we did very miserably, our expectations were very low and we were not overly disappointed. Besides, who in their right mind would even consider entering a Jaguar in this type of racing? Check out this link and you will understand why we had our share of problems.

My link

But that didn't stop us as we're used to adversity...... and being slightly insane helps. It was a pleasure to see everyone having fun and the comaraderie was great between the participants from all the teams.

Winning the "coveted"(???) Chump award was a highpoint and it will certainly find a place of honour at our shop - located in a bunker at top secret location. Looking forward to the next race we can attend..... after we fix a few of our minor issues like electrics, ignition, suspension, tires, fuel pump, brakes, timing, cooling, transmission.............

Victor Krisel

#77 Jagged Edge Motorsports

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The final finish of the 7-hour event on Sunday was an inversion of the Saturday finish... with the #31 car (Red Green Show Racing) taking the win

As a long-time fan of _The Red Green Show_, may I say: Now *that's* keepin' your stick on the ice! :)

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Guest Logan

17 Saturday and 18 Sunday. It was great. :)

Hey now, we were there Saturday too, just spent the whole day wrenchin' in the pits instead of racin'.

I guess that's what you get for a $500 crap can?

Car 19, "Mazda" Probe.


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Guest moose

I just wanted to first say Thank you to Chumpcar World Series Organization.. John,Lloyd,Erik and Cathy, Thank you very much for bringing your class act to CANADA. I am sure I can speak on behalf of every team that attended in saying that it was an excellent well recieved event, and a great weekend of clean racing.

Thank you also to each and every team that attended, I cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasure racing with you also. I look forward to the next event!

I enjoyed every minute, the weekend was really enjoyable even from a spectators point of view.

Thanks again for everything,

Joe Middlemiss

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Guest Thumpa

Had a fantastic time even though our $10 Corolla was a lump. Unfortunately we could not be competitive due excessive body roll, leaking fuel lines, leaking fuel tank and well, only bringing a $10 car. Next year I think we'll push the limits of the $500 car rule. After participating in the 24hrs of lemons last year I much much prefer the ChumpCar organization and more laid back style. Made for a very exciting and fun weekend. Looking forward to next year where we should have a greater turnout. I've spoken to a number of family and friends who plan on entering next year as well.

Now off to find my next $1500 .. i mean $500 car.

Thanks again!


#91 Toyotal Recall

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